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3 hours ago

Hey gal pals. Just a question for anyone willing to give some input...

I have struggled / do struggle with binge eating disorder, and although I truly feel more in control now, I still slip up. Moonbox has helped me regulate pretty much all aspects of my wellness (woohoo!) however I’ve slipped up 3 times in the last 3 weeks, consuming all of the things that the programme says to eliminate.

On the plus side I’ve seen how EXHAUSTED I am anytime I eat processed grains - so yay for awareness on food sensitivity! I know this has a larger root to food addiction / emotional eating for me, but I’m just wondering how others have felt their progress stall / slow if they have slipped up with eating measures during the 12 weeks -

Did your cycle take even longer to regulate?
Did you feel you had to restart?
Or am I being hyper vigilant and all went to plan?

Thanks gals ❤️
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4 hours ago

I've only just started the program so not sure if this has been asked before, but is the Moonbox magnesium spray safe to massage around covered stitches?

I just had my second laparoscopy surgery last Thursday for my Endometriosis and still have the stitches on my abdomen covered. Besides using the Moonbox teas, peppermint tea, prescribed pain meds and hot packs, I haven't been able to ease the discomfort of my post surgery bloating and inflammation. I know this is normal post surgery, but I found the Moonbox magnesium spray helped with the discomfort of my Endo belly/bloat, as well as cramping, before my op and I wanted to see if it'll help now if it's safe to do so.
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5 hours ago

Hey ladies, has anyone ever dealt with / or is dealing with body aches/ muscle aches? If so how did you deal w them? What were they from? XX

It’s not w muscle soreness from working out it’s more achey! I’ve been using magnesium & CBD balm
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11 hours ago

Hi all! I’ve just started my Moonbox journey! 💕

I’m 25 and had a misscarriage while on hormonal contraception so as you can imagine my hormones have been all over the place since then & coming off all hormones. 🌾

I have always eaten a highly processed and coffee fuelled diet so I’m scared and excited about the changes/challenges that I’ll face! ✨

Look forward to learning from you all!
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19 hours ago

Could I have some feedback from those use use the INIKA makeup - what are the foundations and mascaras like? Any recommendations? ... See MoreSee Less

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